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Travel & Tour


Visa Application

It is necessary to apply for a visa to attend 2007 IEEE ICAL in Jinan for participants from many countries. If you need a letter of invitation from ICAL in order to apply for an entry visa to China , please contact us at tli@sdu.edu.cn.Consult Chinese Embassy or Consulate in your home country to determine if you need a visa to enter China.


Tour Information


Local city Jinan

Jinan,a hospitable historical city, it is also called the 'City of Springs ', famed for its numerous springs and relics. A carefully devised tour package for your visit to Jinan will include sightseeing trips to Baotu Springs, Daming Lake and the Thousand Buddhas' Mountain. We also journey to the nearby cities of Tai'an and Qufu, places that will greatly enrich your tour with visits to the notable Mt. Tai , Daimiao Temple and other attractions that will help you explore the deep rooted Confucian culture. What's more, there will be the chance to savour the dainty Shangdong Cuisine.

Spring City   Baotu Springs   Daming Lake   the Thousand Buddhas' Mountain  

Conference Tour

After the conference ,we have one day for tour,You can choose one of the two routes provided as follows:

Route-A: The Temple of the God of Mount Tai, known as the Dai Temple (Dai Miao) is the largest and most complete ancient building complex in the area. It covers an area of 96,000 square meters. The temple was first built during the Qin Dynasty. Since the time of the Han Dynasty (206BC - 220AD), its design has been a replica of the imperial palace, which makes it one out of three extant structures in China with the features of an imperial palace.

  Mount Tai  

Route-B: Qufu, hometown of the great thinker and educator Confucius , is listed in the first group of national famous cities of historical and cultural relics designated by the State Council.

In the city, there are now 112 key historic relics under protection, among which four sites are of national level, twelve are of provincial level. The Confucian Temple , the Confucian Mansion and the Confucian Cemetery were ranked as one of the world cultural heritage in 1994.

  the Confucian Mansion  

Travel Information

As the hub of transport and communication network for shandong province, Jinan is conveniently accessible via airplanes, trains, ferries and automobiles.

Airplanes: YaoQiang International and Domestic Airport provides airline access to all of China , with more than 30 routes including to Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen, Guangzhou and other major Chinese cities.

To get to the city, taking a taxi costs about 100 yuan.  Or you can take any one of the airport shuttle buses going to and from major hotels in Jinan .  Once in the city, take a local cab to your destination starting at 7.5 yuan. 

Trains: There are two train stations in Jinan : Main Railway Station and Jinan East Station with direct train services from many major cities in China. And it takes 30 minutes by taxi about 15 yuan to the Shandong Hotel,

Bus: There are two bus stations in Jinan :Through Transport Bus Station and the Long Distance Bus Station with direct bus services from most major cities in China . And it takes 30 minutes by taxi about 15/20 yuan to the Shandong Hotel.


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