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IEEE ICAL 2007 Conference
Plenary Talk6


Retail Logistics in US and China

Chen Zhou, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
The School of Industrial and Systems Engineerng
Georgia Institute of Technology

        Retail supply chain and logistics is reasonably mature in US. The consolidation, storage and transportation are highly efficient. As a result, the consumers enjoy lower prices compared to many other developed countries. Retail logistics in China is emerging, and is more efficient than most other developing countries. To achieve higher efficiency, many companies are trying to borrow ideas from the US. The question is what would apply and what would not? This talk will point out a few market differences, such as population density, consumer behavior, labor cost, and infrastructure. These differences would be useful in designing efficient retail supply chain and logistics in China.


Chen Zhou received his bachelor degree in Mechanical Engineering in Tianjin University in 1982, master degree in Mechanical Engineering and Ph.D. in Industrial Engineering in Pennsylvania State University. He has been a faculty member in the School of Industrial and Systems Engineering since 1989. His research has been in manufacturing systems, production control, warehousing and logistics. In recent years, he, along with several other professors from Georgia Tech, has studied various aspects of logistics in China. In addition to teaching and research, he is in charge of Dual MS degree program between Georgia Tech and National University of Singapore and Georgia Tech summer study abroad program in National University of Singapore and Tsinghua University.

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