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Intelligent Identification Technology
We found the relative research institute: Intelligent Identification Technology Institute .read more about it >>

Logistics Automation Technology and Equipment Laboratory of logistics automation technology and equipments ,read more>>

Logistics Simulation Technology
learn more about The laboratory of logistics Virtual simulation technology

Logistics Information Systems Logistics information systems research center. click for more>>

Earn a bachelor's degree of logistics engineering
After four years' study in department of logistics engineering,you can get a bachelor's for more >>

Earn a master's degree of system engineering
You are welcomed to enter TLI for further study,and you will gain a master's degree after three years'study and for more >>

Docotorial education

Continuing education
Learn more about master's degree of engineering,click here >>


Cooperation with companies
Since the foundation of TLI,we have established cooperative relationship with many famous companies .learn more >>

Cooperation with other research institutes
We have also signed agreements with many other research institutes both home and abroad to develop our research .learn more >>

Academic session
The first International Conference of Mechanical Engineering (ICME2000) was hold ceremoniously in Shanghai International Conference Center from December 20 to 22 in 2000. The Logistics institute of Shandong University set up an enterprise logistics forum as the Logistics Forum sponsor. Its theme was ˇ°Developing Modern Logistics, Improving enterprise competitionˇ±. learn more>>