Intelligent Identification Technology

Wireless Radio Frequency Identification Technology (RFID)
BARCODE Technology
Wireless Radio Frequency Data Communications Systems (RFDC)



Logistics Automation Technology and Equipment

Automated Storage And Retrieval Systems (AS/RS)
Automatic Guided Vehicles (AGV)
Automated Sorting / Picking Systems

Logistics Simulation Technology

Logistics Systems Layout And Design (LLD)
Logistics Systems Three-dimensional Simulation Analysis (3D SIM)
Logistics Equipment Online Monitoring Technology (OLM)

Logistics Information Systems

Logistics Information Platform (LIP)
Warehouse Management Series Platforms WMS WES WCS
Transportation/Distribution Series Platforms TMS EFS GPS GIS
Logistics Information Platform LIP DRP LRP

Supply Chain Management Technology

Production/Stocking/Distribution Logistics Management
Agile Supply Chain Management
Manufacture Systems Logistics Management
Bill of Material Management (BOM)
Coding and Barcode Management (CODE)