Research-Logistics Simulation Technology


About The laboratory of logistics Virtual simulation technology

The laboratory of logistics Virtual simulation technology includes four primary research domains



Primary research domains:

Computer Graphics Simulation Computing
This domain is based on logistics engineering, it investigates computer graphics handing technology and pictures computing technology. We have developed computer graphics parallel computing and network computing, and we have already acquired some research progress. Based on the progress , we are ready to carry out creative researches. We will integrate parallel computing with network computing together, and we will carry out intelligent optimization computing.

Simulation about Production Logistics
This domain mainly carries out to simulate logistics system which is related to production fields. This domain includes auto-warehouse simulation, in and out store system simulation, AGV system simulation (intelligent transport system), a dead lift simulation and so on. We are ready to implement simulation of free route, and we will break through real time restriction in traditional simulation fields.

Simulation about Distribution Center, Logistics Center, Logistics Regions
Combining to layout and design which is socialization logistics system above, simulation is the best way for validating. Our research destination is to find out the bugs from our design with scientific, visual, intuitionistic way. Therefore we can develop our design more visual. Through simulation we can optimize vehicle¡¯s quantity and moving route in our logistics regions; and we can also optimize the location and quantity of the parks and so on.

Simulation and Optimization of Transportation System
Transportation, this is a traditional item, it also becomes a hot item which is contacted with multiple studies and high tech. Comparing with traditional TSP and VRP, introducing simulation breaks the restriction of the classical mathematics, and it make the problematic answer easier than before. With application of the Globe Position System (GPS), the modernization and intelligent of transportation system will be implemented by us in the least future, simulation of transportation system will turn into the core technology in this field.