Research-Logistics Information Systems


About Logistics information systems research center

Logistics systems management, control and system integration technology has been one of the core technologies for the logistics field. Nowadays in the United States and other developed countries the integrated logistics systems technology has become a reality but in our country, because the research of the logistics technology started rather late, the real integrated logistics systems technology has not yet been realized. The integrated logistics systems is also the core of the experiment platform of the Logistics Institute of Shandong University, meanwhile the establishment of an integrated logistics systems platform and the research model implies the establishment of the integrated logistics technology platform.



The main research fields are included as follows:

  The inventory control technology of the WMS

Multi-warehouse network inventory control and balance strategy research

Three-dimensional search algorithm and balance strategy research of the slotting

The dynamic control of the logistics systems

The overall integration technology of the logistics systems

Just- in- time production and automatic replenishment technology

Logistics systems management (supp1y management, production management and distribution management)