About TLI

   According to the international management form of research institution, the modern logistics research center of Shandong University is managed by specialists and professors from the internal logistics research centers , governmental industry main department and some famous logistics enterprises. Presently ,a group of China Engineering Institute academicians and logistics professors from research centers of famous universities make the strategic aim ,research direction and the management form. These make the research center achieve the compelling goals in short order .

   In May 2001, Shandong Logistics Engineering Center was formally founded with the sanction of Shandong province government. The main tasks of Shandong Logistics Engineering Center is to continue being based on predominance of the management and technology, developing the research and operation of the enterprises and the social logistics projects inside and outside Shandong province, enhancing the introduction and spread of the logistics technology, providing solutions for social logistics industry, and to become the authoritative institute inside the province promoting the development of Shandong logistics industry.

   In May 2003,the logistics engineering department was founded in Shandong university, and the goal of the education and train was to build a base to educate some students to gain the logistics ability. Every year, the department cultivates more than 30 graduate students, more than 100 undergraduates, and hundreds of staffers working at enterprises or offices. The department has become one of few logistics education bases in the province ,even in the nation. In 2003, the logistics engineering department became the national logistics software training base.

chief members of the expert committee:

chief consultant: Ying Ai Chinese Academy of Engineering academician

chief expert: Yue-ting Chai Qinghua University professor/doctor tutor

foreign expert: Ira. W. Pence Georgia Technical Institute

government industry expert: Xin-yu Hu National foreign expert bureau researcher

Director: Yao-hua Wu porofessor/doctor

The National the Tenth five-year tackle-key-problem expert member

The director of the Mechanics Engineering Academy

The vice secretary-general of the Logistics Engineering Academy