Cooperation with companies

In October of 1996 ,we established the relationship of cooperative associate and founded EDS logistics technology support center taking charge of logistics programs support all over China.

At the end of 1998, we introduced software of 3i Co., founded the technical service center of China.

In December of 2000 we signed on agreement with Georgia Institute of Technology which enabled us to develop international cooperative research in the fields of ¡°Enterprise Visual Emulation¡± and ¡°Large Integrated Logistics System Platform Research¡±.

At the beginning of 2002,We made cooperative relationship with KITO Co. of Japan about material handling equipment.



Cooperation with other research institutes

In December of 2000 we signed on agreement with Phoenix Co. in German, founding logistics system control laboratory .

In 2003 we founded ¡°SDU-Tsinghua University Logistics Engineering United Laboratory¡± with Tsinghua University national CIMS engineering center.


Academic session

The first International Conference of Mechanical Engineering (ICME2000) was hold ceremoniously in Shanghai International Conference Center from December 20 to 22 in 2000. The Logistics institute of Shandong University set up an enterprise logistics forum as the Logistics Forum sponsor. Its theme was ¡°Developing Modern Logistics, Improving enterprise competition¡±.

The first logistics proseminar was held in Shandong University in March 2001.This forum was an important academic communication sponsored by Provincial Technology Office and hold by the Modern Logistics Institute of Shandong University.

The second time of 6th council of Chinese Logistics Engineering Branch Society of Chinese Mechanical Engineering Society was held in Jinan from October 13 to October 16 in 2001 by the Modern Logistics Institute of Shandong University.